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Professional training "Renewable Energy Recovery from Geothermal Resources"

BrineRIS project would like to invite to project partners to the Professional Training on “Renewable Energy Recovery from Geothermal Resources”, which will take place in Freiberg (Germany) on May 10th-11th. The training aims to provide participants with a general overview and understanding of geothermal energy and its use and distribution. Check the preliminary program attached.

Register as soon as posible in the following link: 

First workshop in Espoo

The first training workshop of the BrineRIS project was carried out in Espoo (Finland) by the Geological Survey of Finland´s (GTK). This workshop took place on August 30-31 of 2022 and consists of a training workshop on Geodata Management. Lessons provided by Jyrki Kokkonen and Quentin Dehaine involve on-site and online trainees to databases, data collection systems, GIS-based online solutions, geological and geometalurgical data acquisition and management.

The workshop was a very educational experience to the consortium partners, and allows the finally face to face meeting between those involved in the project. The BrineRIS project has scheduled another workshop on geothermal water and energy in Hungary this year.

The project partners would like to thank to Małgorzata Szlachta and GTK’s team for this rewarding experience.