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Geothermal brines sampling

The BrineRIS project is in full bloom!
We are delighted to be able to share more achievements of our project with you! One of the most important milestones – the sampling of geothermal brines – is mostly behind us, and with success!
Over the past months, we have had the pleasure of sampling brines from boreholes in Poland, Spain, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Each of these sites had unique characteristics, different pressures, and a variety of physical and chemical parameters. The collected samples were sent to laboratories. Now it is time for the analysis! The samples will be tested for physical and chemical properties. Particular attention will be focused on lithium content – a mineral that is of huge importance for many fields, such as the automotive industry and energy.
We are immensely grateful to all the teams who undertook the collection of samples under a variety of conditions. Your commitment and determination are invaluable to the success of the BrineRIS Project! 🙌💚
Stay tuned as we look forward to sharing the next progress of our project with you! Together, we aim to better understand and exploit the potential of geothermal brines.