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BrineRIS project at International Conference “Mineral deposits safeguarding as a basis of mineral raw materials safety”

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demand for lithium as a critical material is fastgrowing because of its cruciality for the battery market. The occurrence of lithium in geothermal brines was the impetus for researchers to develop a recovery technology that would efficiently extract lithium and other minerals from brines and do so in an emissionfree manner using only geothermal heat. BrineRIS Brines of RIS countries as a source
CRM and energy supply project, working with nine partners (Fig. 1), is focused on mapping the potential sources of geothermal brines in six selected countries included in the socalled EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (EIT RIS). The project covers Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain and Portugal, and developing an appropriate technology that would allow recovery of critical materials (CRM) (including lithium) from geothermal brines in an emissionfree and thus economical and environmentally friendly way. The project duration is three years (20222024).

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